Spotify to launch in Netherlands on May 18, says Dutch media

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It appears that hot streaming music startup Spotify will launch in the Netherlands on May 18 if Dutch news reports and their own manager there are to be believed.

Currently Spotify operate in Britain, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Finland. But not yet the US, even though they have confirmed their CTO is over there right now looking into servers (see interview with Paul Brown, Spotify’s go-between man with the music labels, below).

Tobias Edström, manager for Spotify Netherlands (ah, now there’s a giveaway) told music blog that “I have been here since January working on the launch and searching for an office. Meanwhile my sales and account manager have also come over.”

The Netherlands is a potentially a good market for Spotify as it has a very high Internet penetration.

Evidently Spotify delayed its launch there because it had been looking to partner locally with an ISP or cable operator but will now do so independently.


  • Pedro Assuncao

    Can’t always be the other way around ;P

    • Pedro Assuncao

      Launching first in the US, i mean :)


    Reports are true, several big news websites have covered it.

  • Flavio

    …waiting for it in Italy too!

  • Robin

    Mwhuhaha .. I’m soooo happy that I’m living in the Netherlands. Sit back, relax, ganja, .. Spotify. Mmm..

    • Vineet

      LOL – ganja… love the Netherlands, was there for a couple of months.. and it was some crazy time.. I think I must have blacked out for 30 days – magic mushrooms they call it ;)

  • Kolin

    Todays breaking news!
    A european company expands through europe before expanding to the US!

  • uk-pauln

    I’ll trade you my Spotify access for your Google Voice.

    • Pedro Assuncao

      You just gave me an idea for a startup project: Login swapping ;)

  • Kris

    You give us the iPad, we’ll give you Spotify.

    And we’ll throw in Gordon Brown for free…

    • Bryan

      Well Gordon is going to have a lot of spare time on his hands soon.

  • Steve

    Ddon’t know what the problem is; I use spotify in the USA all the time. hey flavio, I’m sure you can get it working in Roma now too if you want.

    • Flavio

      Steve, I keep seeing the “This product is not available in your country yet” message. Maybe you use it in USA but access with an existing UK account?

    • anon

      i use to aswell but it just isn’t worth it to go through proxies VPNs etc etc just to use spotify. So now i just use

      • Steve

        no proxies, no VPNs needed. just get your account created by someone in the country it’s available in and then you can log in anywhere and play spotify music. I just created an account for flavio and he is now using Spotify in Italy. As I said, works for me in the US also. Not tried anywhere else though

      • Mimmo

        Hey Steve, have you a spotify premium account? I’d like to try spotify too! thanks! ;-)

  • Steve

    and uk-pauln..I use my google voice in the UK on my HTC Desire form t-mobile..granted it has a US number but I can send and receive all my sms messages, listen to VM right from my UK mobile

  • Vishal Sanjay

    I wonder why they are delaying launch in the US, because thats the main market for such services. Maybe they are planning to enter the US market with tons of money to invest.

  • Bob

    “tiny Netherlands”?? Come on now..

    • Michael

      Maybe he meant geographically. I mean it’s smaller than both Denmark and Switzerland. Population on the other hand…not so small, above 3 times the population of Norway!

      In any case +1 for him for not saying “Holland”.

  • Rankhar

    Tiny?! There’s your answer, it’s karma: because you use a derogatory term when describing smaller nations you are now not getting Spotify :-)

  • Paula

    Yep, here in Scandinavia this wonderful service is already pretty much a commodity. There’s also now a cool FB connect widget allowing you to get social with your playlists. The Nordic start-up scene is like Eyjafjallajökull, hot stuff bubbling under with dramatic wide spread effects upon eruption. :)

  • Sweder isn’t a music blog, but a Dutch broadcast organisation’s website.

    Nevertheless I’m looking forward to giving it a try!

    • Marianne

      3voor12 can be described as a music blog though.. So he’s not all wrong.

      And as been said above, kudos for calling it Netherlands, not Holland. Even Dutch football fans get that one wrong.

  • WulfCry


  • Lex

    given what I know of the labels, hell has a better chance of freezing over than Spotify have in launching in the US in the same form it does in Europe.

    only chance it has is launching as a premium service only that cost as much as Rhapsody, but then why bother.

  • me


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