Exitpol.ly – Tweeting the UK's exit polls as they happen

Isotoma, a UK open source hotshop, is having a little fun with the UK election.

They want Brits to register who they voted for after they’ve hit the polling booths. There is of course zero chance of verifying this.

As they explain:

We thought we’d like to capture a little of the election mood – we’ve knocked up a little app for you to register your vote, possibly (if enough people do as well, natch) allowing people to see how it’s going. Clearly the Lib Dem slant of Twitter and the Internet will skew the picture, but it’s a little bit of fun…

The site will be live at Exitpol.ly at 7.30am today, election day (and closing at 10.30pm)

Update: It now won’t be producing results until after the election, as per, er, the law.