Voters kissing politicians, Flirtomatic users choose Lib Dem's Nick Clegg

[UK] I can’t decide if this is a piece of crass PR – like when a politician kisses a baby – or an interesting data point. Actually I’m pretty sure it’s the former but as this is all about democracy, I’ll let you make up your own mind.

Flirtomatic, the mobile social network aimed at young adults, asked its 1 million UK users which of the main three British prime minister wannabes they’d most like to snog. (It was assumed that a kiss constituted a vote by the way.)

So far 10,000 Flirtomatic users have obliged, with the Liberal Democrat’s Nick Clegg seeing 34.4% of the action. The Conservative’s David Cameron is in close second (33.9%), while the Labour’s Gordon Brown lies in third (31.7%).

Flirtomatic users are also being asked give each candidate a rating of 1 to 10. Clegg is scoring an average of 6.9, leaving Cameron and Brown both currently on 5.8.

The company says that the candidates’ Flirtomatic profiles will stay up and voting will continue until 10am on Thursday May 6th, “after which the votes will be counted and a winner will be announced.”

Can’t wait. No, really.