Sprint Hero getting Android 2.1 by May 7th, according to Best Buy

And our never ending quest to pin down the exact date on which the Sprint HTC Hero will get its long-awaited update to Android 2.1 continues.

Weeks back, a loose lipped support employee spilled the beans that the update was tentatively planned for the first week of May. Now, a leaked memo (obtained by the guys over at XDA-dev) from Best Buy’s intranet seems to indicate the same thing.

“Due to changes made by HTC on Friday, the deployment was delayed until this week.” it says, adding “The update will be in all stores by this Friday, May 7.”

*Gasp!* Delays? That explains why we heard no less than a handful of different dates for this thing. Regardless — unless Best Buy’s memo-making dudes are going off blog rumors, Sprint HTC Hero owners could very well be getting their mitts all over Android 2.1 within the next 2 days.

[Via DroidDog]