HP releases new Pavilion notebooks

If there’s anything better than consumer grade sub-$800 notebooks, God kept it for himself. HP just announced the dm4, dv5, dv6, and dv7 notebooks. All are running the latest processors and the dm4 and dv7 support discrete graphics. The dv6 is a touchscreen laptop, which is great for people who like to touch their screens.

Not much more to say on these except that they’re clad in handsome metal and plastic and have an aesthetic based on HP’s MUSE style described thusly:

The models reflect HP’s “MUSE” (materials, usability, sensory appeal and experiences) design philosophy of fusing a rich mix of materials that create textured finishes, easy-to-use features for improved usability, a blend of artisan elements for sensory appeal, and intuitive features for simple experiences.

So that’s nice. Anyway, all available May 19. Head over to the shops.