GyPSii launches Tweetsii for Android

GyPSii, a real-time location based social networks, is based out of Amsterdam. But despite their European headquarters and origins, their primary market for their mobile social+location applications is China, where mobile dwarfs web use. In March, GyPSii released Tweetsii for iPhone.

But in the next few hours, Tweetsii for Android will be available for download in the Android Market. It’s based on GyPSii technology and similar in concept. Where GyPSii is it’s own platform, Tweetsii leverages Twitter’s western popularity in the European and U.S. markets.  The mobile app is fused with a number of other services, to provide relevant content, based on location and user preference, mixing information from a variety of virtual streams into one.

There is a lot of buzz right now around Twitter’s next move and what all the twitter gap fillers are going to do, when Twitter starts filling out those gaps.  GyPSii doesn’t consider itself only a location based service, nor are they exclusively twitter dependent, but rather they combine the flood of user generated content from a variety of sources, by contextualizing it for the user.

The Tweetsii client attempts to bring it all together to offer more value.

The Tweetsii client of course has all the basic Twitter features, but on top of that, they swirl in news recommendations, alerts, photos, videos, places of interest, check-ins, etc from your contacts and your real-time surroundings. Basically, it’s a different way to slice and dice data from your own online social circles, as well as enabling you with a number of features to discover new ones.  Content is aggregated from Gowalla, Foursquare, GyPSii and other local partnerships. It’s a lot of data merged and contextualized into one client.