France gets Yelp's first non-english site

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Local reviews site Yelp has launched a site for France. Yelp France is the startup’s first non-English speaking country. The site can be toggled through French or English.

This will be of interest to European player Qype which is bigger than Yelp across Europe.

Yelp has claimed one million unique visitors consulted for Yelp UK and Yelp Ireland last month 16 months after launch.

In December last year Qype had 5 million unique visits a month for its German site, 4 million in the UK and 4 million in France. Spain is on 1m uniques. It now has reviews of 450,000 businesses in Europe from over 50,000 cities.

Meanwhile top local players include Dismoiou (tellmewhere), Nomao and Cityvox.

Looks like Yelp has a ways to go.

  • Yelp Sucks in French

    how do you say extortion in French?

    ha, ha… this should be fun!

    The French will love this American export for sure:)

  • Jack

    In December last year Qype had 5 unique visits a month for its German site?


    • Mike Butcher

      Added the crucial word, million.

  • meeka

    I love yelp although at the back of my mind, I always have this feeling that this company is being strung by a bigger network of organization.

    Somehow, their backing down with the half-a-billion offer by Google still remains a mystery.

  • Dave

    Yeah, but those 5 users are seriously on that site like all the time.

  • Charles

    The problem with websites like Qype, Cityvox, or even Tripadvisor, is that anybody can drop a comment on your business – including your own team, or your competitors… There’s a huge issue with the quality & reliability of information here, and I’d be curious to see how these platforms will address it – poor information means poor value for the end user.

  • Phil Jeudy

    Nice shot, I don’t see THE number one in France on this field mentioned in this article. See the link of website on this comment, and few articles published on Techcrunch France. The company’s name begins with a T. Or a D. Depends where.
    Best regards ;-)

    • Charles

      Well you’re comparing apples and pears here ^^

      Qype and Cityvox are classic web platforms with rather large audiences (even though they also offer mobile apps), and what you’re promoting is mainly a mobile app…

      • Phil Jeudy

        Qype and Tellmewhere pears and apples? Are you sure?!

  • John

    Now build a German site. Qype is awful — they don’t even have a .de URL for their German site. And they have poor sorting and filtering functionality and interplay with Google Maps. Maybe they can solve the multilingual issues in a better way than Qype too.

  • SwitzerBaden

    Way to go Yelp! Only six years to realize that the online world expands beyond English speaking American borders. How very social.

    I personally find Qype extremely useful both locally and when traveling thought Europe. And John, they do own the .de domain… it just redirects to .com (so like, WTF John.)

    And really, these days shouldn’t ALL social sites be designed with multi-language capabilities from the ground up?

  • Romain Cherchi

    Nous sommes en 50 avant Jésus-Christ. Toute la Gaule est occupée par les Romains… Toute? Non! Un village peuplé d’irréductibles Gaulois résiste encore et toujours à l’envahisseur. Et la vie n’est pas facile pour les garnisons de légionnaires romains des camps retranchés de Babaorum, Aquarium, Laudanum et Petitbonum…

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  • Andrew J Scott

    @Charles Rummble aims to solve this problem. We have some unique technology which personalises results and at the same time prevents any reviewer from faking or gaming the system; think of it as a personalised page rank for the physical world. We have some usability issues we’re working on, but I’d invite you to check us out and hopefully get better, more personalised recommendations.

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