Flash seen running on a Google Tablet prototype

A sharp eyed blogger at the Web 2.0 Expo in SF spotted something rather interesting today at the Adobe booth. Apparently, there is a Google Tablet out there somewhere, and it’s running Android (duh). Not only that, but it seems that Flash runs pretty much seamlessly on prototype. Here we go again.

Max the blogger knew what he’d spotted right away, and managed to get quite a plethora of video and still picture of the device. While retail details are of course being kept fairly quiet, it seems that Adobe is expecting there to quite a number of Android based tablets coming at the end of this year. That fits what we’re seeing, and it should be interesting to watch how things shake down in the whole Android vs. iPad war. It’s certainly worth your time to hit Max’s site to check out the video he shot of the various Adobe AIR applications running on the tablet.