Fifteen years ago today, the N64 was born

Since it’s Gadgets of Days Gone By week, I thought it would be appropriate to note that on May 5th, 1995, Nintendo announced the Nintendo 64 game console. If you were living on the planet Earth at the time, you knew that things had changed. What was more, it debuted with perhaps still the best example of 3D platforming, Mario 64. Kids and adults alike would spend the next few weeks/months/years playing it and the other excellent games for this powerhouse platform.

As a personal note, I’d like to add that nobody has done jetskiing quite like Wave Race 64 did. The N64 was also the home to a huge amount of classic games like Ocarina of Time, Blast Corps, Super Smash Bros, and of course GoldenEye 007. Man, that was a great console.

1UP has posted the full press release from that historic day, and it makes for good reading. Feeling nostalgic? Remember, you can find an N64 for probably $30 at your local used game shop. Go ahead, indulge yourself.