Evernote surpasses 3 million users

The title says most of this story, but there are a couple of interesting details that are worth sharing. First, while it took 447 days to reach their first million users, it took 222 days to hit the two million mark, and only 134 days to reach three million. That’s pretty impressive. That 134 days is even more impressive when you learn that 85% of Evernote users get there by word of mouth. And 44% of new users are coming from outside the U.S., showing that Evernote has a very real global appeal.

Of the 3 million users, just under 60,000 are paid users. That’s not quite 2% of their install base. So clearly most Evernote users are either cheapskate freeloaders, or are satisfied enough with the free offering that they’ve had no reason to upgrade. Nonetheless, Evernote feels confident that their “freemium” model is a success.

Also of note is that Evernote integration is getting bundled with more and more devices. Along with an iPad client, and a new Windows desktop client, Evernote support is being included in new Lexmark printers. That’s pretty cool.