Dropbox Finally Launches on Android (iPad, too)

FinallyYay! Everyone’s favourite file-sharing and document-syncing service, Dropbox, has finally released their official Android app, alongside an iPad app and mobile API.

The Beta version of the Android app has been out-and-about for the last fortnight, but now the fully-fledged, 100% official, ready-for-action, go-get-em-tiger version has been released to the Android Market.

I’m serious. No joke reality. You can go do a search now if you don’t believe me. Go on, I’ll wait.
See? Neat, isn’t it?

Dropbox has been available on the iPhone since 2009, and has been praised by many. I’ve been itching for an Android version since I got my HTC Hero 8 months ago, and I’m not alone.

The service provides you with 2GB of free storage in which to stuff cloud-syncable goodies. Pairing the mobile app with the desktop version will allow files from your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine to be accessed on your phone. You can also share those files to friends (both Dropbox users and normal people alike).

Unfortunately (and surprisingly), the Android app only supports the uploading of photos, videos, audio, and text files from your Android phone. It would have been nice to have been able to upload any file, but as Android doesn’t natively offer any way to browse the contents of your SD card, I guess this makes sense.

Also, it doesn’t appear as a destination in the Android “share” menu, so you’ll have to fire up the app and then choose the files to upload from within there. Which is not only a pain, but adding it as a share destination could have also solved the filetype limitation problem I whined about only moments ago. *sigh*

There is, however, a share option from within the app that uses the Android “share” menu, so you can send out a download link for any file or folder via your favourite sharing service (eg twitter, sms, email, etc).

So, what are you waiting for? There’s 2GB of mobile-accessible cloud storage out there with your name on it!