Sony offers extended warranties for PS3, PSP

Looks like Sony now offers extended warranties for the PS3 and PSP. It’s not free, of course, but it’s not like the prices outrageous either, with prices ranging from $30 to $60.

Not too much to digest here: a one-year PSP warranty is $30, while a two-year warranty is $40. There’s a $10 premium for accidental damage.

For the PS3, it’s $45 for a one-year warranty and $60 for a two-year warranty. That covers both the old PS3 design and the PS3 Slim.

You should note that the warranty doesn’t cover your data, meaning that if your hard drive explodes and you lose your Uncharted 2 game saves that’s not Sony’s problem. They’ll replace the hard drive, of course, but the actual data on there isn’t covered. I mean, I don’t see how the data could ever be covered under a warranty, so I’m not even sure why I brought it up.

But, an extra option for you nonetheless.