Samsung (Bada-Powered) Wave to Launch in North and South America?

Bada Bing!Samsung may be a little crazy to create their own OS when Android is free, powerful, and popular, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not at least a little curious about what the new OS may bring.

On that note, you may be interested to hear that the first of Samsung’s Bada-powered phones — the Samsung Wave 8500 — may be making its way over from Europe to come visit your hometown*.

Unwired Review have noticed that the Bluetooth SIG (the body that oversees Bluetooth standards and licensing) has recently approved the Samsung GT-S8500R and the GT-S8500M, mentioning that both should be available in North America. Further to this, the GT-S8500L is listed as being headed to South America.

Of course, this isn’t concrete evidence, but it seems likely.

To refresh your memory, the Wave has a 3.3″ 800 x 480 AMOLED screen, a 5.1MP camera capable of 720p video, and the now-standard WiFi, A-GPS, and (as stated earlier) Bluetooth.

It is worth noting that the phone’s operating frequencies will limit it to AT&T or T-mobile.

If you’re hungry for more, Unwired View also have a hands-on video of the phone in action.

*if said hometown is somewhere in North or South America