PSA: Boost Mobile's Monthly Unlimited Plans now include free 411, e-mail, and Instant Messaging

Boost Mobile customers, where you at? No, really — where are you? I haven’t run into a Boost customer in years.

Regardless: if you’re out there and are on one of Boost’s unlimited plans, you just got a handful of new features added to your line-up.

If you’re on the $50-a-month plan, you’ve now got free 411, along with unlimited e-mail and instant messaging. If you’re on the $60 BlackBerry Unlimited plan, you already had unlimited e-mail and IM — but now you’ve got free 411, too.

So go ahead: go crazy with 411. Call and ask what time it is. Call and ask where your pants are. Call and try to find a new friend amongst the operators. Who cares? It’s free!