Apple takes down iPhone OS 4 Beta 3 two hours after its release

The details are still by no means clear, but sure enough: Apple has pulled iPhone OS Beta 3 from the iPhone Dev Center, just two hours after it was first released.

While a link to iPhone OS 4 is still available, the page now only offers up the iPhone OS Beta 2 that was released last week. Did Apple leave something in the Beta that they meant to hide away? Or did some crippling bug go undetected, only to reveal itself as it began to roll out onto thousands of developer devices? Or did someone accidentally just save an old copy of the iPhone dev center’s index file? Who knows!

We’ll let you know the second we hear anything.

Update: One reason it could have been pulled, from early reports we’re seeing: the SDK installer wipes out anything in the default Xcode /Developer directory, even if you tell it to use a custom directory. Many developers prefer to keep their Beta SDK installs as far from possible from their finalized SDK installs, which this bug prevents.