A few things to know about electric bikes

We like electric vehicles here at CrunchGear, from the Volt to the Leaf to the Eneloop to the U3-X. But none of those are very common purchases, and although electric cars are looked forward to with anticipation, electric bikes seem to have escaped the notice of the US altogether. Japan and Eastern Asia have these things all over the place, but even here in eco-friendly Seattle, they’re rare as hens’ teeth.

If you’re thinking about getting one, maybe to simplify a short 3-or-4-mile commute, there are some things you should know. This little post does a good job summing up the basics so you don’t get taken in down at ye olde electricke bi-cycle shoppe.

The main things you’ll run into are battery type and size, and engine wattage. Beyond that the trim level seems to be largely — well, not superficial differences, but you always get diminishing returns as the price goes up.