PURE announces the release of three new internet radios

It’s been a while since we’ve written about PURE’s Evoke-1S internet radio, but just recently the company announced that three of its newest products will be available for purchase in North America on July 1st. These internet radios were three out of the five that PURE announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show a few months ago. Using their WiFi connection, these devices allow users to listen not only to the usual FM stations but also to internet radio, podcasts, and music streamed from their computers.

Starting from the left is the EVOKE Flow, which will sell for $279 and comes with inputs for your iPod or other MP3 player. Next up is the $249 Oasis Flow, a rugged, weatherproof radio with a splash resistant case and rubber seals designed for people who would prefer to listen to music outside. Lastly, you have the $139 Siesta Flow, a smaller and sleeker device with 365 different alarm tones and a PowerPort to charge your USB devices.

It’s worth noting though, that PURE’s two most stylish and high-end radios, the Sensia and the Sirocco 550, will not available until later this year. All PURE products will have access to the PURE Lounge where users can organize their favorite stations into shared folders and automatically synchronize content between the radio and the online portal.