Protect your iPad with metallic looking StealthArmor

Your iPad has that nice metallic look, right? You want to preserve that sleek industrial design. You want Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor METAL! Available in gold, bronze, tungsten, and brushed aluminum, the StealthArmor METAL surprisingly is not made out of actual metal, so no need to worry about interfering with wireless communications. Plus, you get to say METAL really loud when you tell people you’re using “StealthArmor METAL”, so that should be fun.

Bringing Sexy Back: StealthArmor METAL for iPad

Fusion of Ideas Introduces Premium StealthArmor Series in Four Metallic Finishes

05.03.2010 – Irvine, CA – You’ve seen, tested and reviewed a lot of Apple iPad cases and skins lately, probably even an iPad man purse, right? And while you may think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t … until now. Today, Fusion of Ideas launches StealthArmor METAL for iPad, a new premium series that includes four shine-tastic finishes: gold, bronze, tungsten and brushed aluminum.

Fusion of Ideas’ heavy metal addition will cost $75 for full device protection, which includes a clear front protective screen made with nano-fusion technology that offers the clearest optics and best adhesion of any screen protector on the market.

“Our goal is not only to protect your new iPad from daily wear and tear, but also make it so pretty you’ll want to drool a little,” said Russ Taylor, President and Founder, Fusion of Ideas.

StealthArmor METAL for iPad is not actually made of metal and will not affect the device’s 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

StealthArmor for iPad is available in four other sleek finishes, including: carbon fiber (black or white), black matte, wood grain and clear.

Visit Fusion of Ideas for their complete selection of StealthArmor.