Conan Thanks Twitter For "Saving My Ass"

Not all celebrities, it seems, are over Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago, while in town for a comedy show, Conan O’Brien made a pilgrimage to the Twitter headquarters. He entertained employees, and even sent a tweet to prove it’s really him doing the tweeting from his phone. He also, apparently, left behind a little keepsake.

Twitter – Thanks for saving my ass. Your friend, Conan,” reads a placard with one of the original Twitter icons. On it, Conan also drew a picture of himself, sans beard.

Obviously, this was written in jest — or was it?

Last night, Conan did his first television interview since his departure from the Tonight Show on 60 Minutes. During the interview, it was noted that in order to keep his life moving forward, Conan decided he would set out on a comedy tour. The other notable thing mentioned? His opening of a Twitter account.

That account has given Conan nearly 1 million followers who listen to his every 140-character quip.  Even if his only still humorously follows one person — a random woman who likes peanut butter.

Here are some other pictures from Conan’s Twitter experience, as documented by the Twitter Flickr account.

[photo: yfrog/sg]