The Fizz-Giz: Carbonate on the fly

You’re a busy man. A man on the go. You have no time for Big Soda telling you what you can and cannot carbonate. As Homey once said, you don’t play that.

So what is a modern carbonation lover to do? You could be tethered to your countertop with the Penguin Soda Maker or you can be free with the Fizz-Giz. This thing is basically a little CO2 gun that uses those tiny CO2 capsules you’ve probably seen in stores (I’ve actually never seen then, but maybe you have.) Anyway, as the above video shows, you put the special cap on a bottle of non-fizzy stuff and shoot gas through. A few squirts and you’re off to the races.

Obviously this is a portable kit. Perhaps you can keep it at work or in your purse for the creation of club soda tableside, thereby avoiding the expense of purchasing soft drinks – or hard – on the go. I’d also like to carbonate stuff like whiskey and gravy, just to see if it’s possible.

The kit costs $29.95 and includes a clever little CO2 delivery system and a few caps fitted with airtight rubber gaskets. You plug the delivery popper into the hole and shoot. While the website lacks a bit of panache, I think the creator’s dedication to the process of creating fizzy drinks makes it worth a second look.