PETA Sends Steve Jobs Vegan Chocolate Seals For Rejecting The Seal-Clubbing App


While People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is just fine with Google using goats to cut their grass (as long as they get perks), the organization will not stand for applications in which you virtually hurt animals. As such, they’ve sent Apple CEO Steve Jobs a thank you note (below) and some vegan chocolate seals (I’m not kidding) to show their appreciation for Apple’s rejection of the app iSealClub.

PETA was excited to read in your article that while the Canadian government is still fumbling for excuses to justify the bludgeoning of baby seals in its country, Apple CEO Steve Jobs won’t tolerate such cruelty in an iPhone app,” a PETA representative tells us.

When iSealClub was rejected, developer Matthew Smyth actually made an interesting point: why are apps that allow you to kill deer, fish, and even humans okay, but seals aren’t? Yes, the killing of seals does seem barbaric, but it’s a little hard to draw the line. Plus, shouldn’t PETA be against all of those apps as well? (I’ve emailed them to ask that very question.)

Also, I miss the Google Goats.

Below, find PETA’s letter to Jobs:

Dear Mr. Jobs,

On behalf of PETA and our more than 2 million members and supporters worldwide, thank you for rejecting the proposed iSealClub iPhone application, which has drawn a great deal of attention to Canada’s annual baby-seal slaughter. You are in good company. Global leaders as diverse as Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and the Dalai Lama have taken a stand against the slaughter, and the European Union recently voted to ban seal fur.

As a token of our appreciation, we will be sending you some vegan-chocolate seals.

Kind regards,

Dan Mathews
Senior Vice President

Update: Here’s PETA’s response to my question about other animal-killing apps:

You’re right; PETA is opposed to any kind of violence toward animals, including in video games and other apps. But we’re thankful that Mr. Jobs and Apple drew the line when it comes to the seal slaughter. Their decision to reject the seal clubbing app reflects the opinion held by the majority of people around the world – that bludgeoning baby seals with clubs and hooking them through the eyes with hakapiks before they’ve even had their first solid meal is excessively cruel.

[photo: flickr/ed bierman]