AdWhirl Now Lets Developers Tap Into As Many Mobile Ad Networks As They Want

AdWhirl, the AdMob-owned service that allows mobile developers to quickly switch between mobile ad networks without having to update their applications, has just given developers even more flexibility: they can now include as many ad networks as they want, including both the default built-in set of networks and any other networks they want to integrate themselves.

This comes as a followup to AdWhirl’s decision in December to Open Source its iPhone SDK and server, which was the first time developers could use ad networks that weren’t already built into the service. However, up until now there was a catch — devs could only use one ‘external’ ad network in addition to the default set. Now they’ll be able to include as many as they want.

AdWhirl ships with support for AdMob, JumpTap, MDotM, Millennial Media, and Quattro Wireless for its iPhone platform and comes with support for AdMob and Quattro for its recently-launched Android version. The company also notes that it now supports Apple’s upcoming iAd format.

In the last four months, AdWhirl has seen the number of applications integrating the platform grow from 1,300 to 1,700, and daily ad requests have jumped from 40 million to 100 million since the platform was open sourced in December.

AdWhirl’s push toward openness is something of a necessity — ever since it was acquired by AdMob, which is itself the largest mobile ad network, the company has moved to quell concerns over possible favoritism by making the AdWhirl’s system transparent. And now that Google is acquiring AdMob pending approval from federal regulators, it’s more important than ever to keep things open.