Updated: Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz hints at Foursquare approach: "It depends how much money they want"

I just got out of a Yahoo! press conference in London where I got an opportunity to talk briefly with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz.

The topic on everyone’s lips was Yahoo’s rumored talks with Foursquare, so I asked her what she thought of TechCrunch’s advice to the location-based startup: don’t sell out to Yahoo!.

Bartz’s response: “It depends how much money they want.”

It should be pointed out that Bartz was responding to a notional question. As in, what would Yahoo’s response would be to those who say (i.e. TechCrunch) startups should not sell to Yahoo, rather than a specific question about Foursquare. Admittedly it’s easy for everyone to have an opinion including bloggers about this kind of subject. However, I put it to her in the context of the rumours about Foursquare so she clearly knew what she was responding to.

Listen to the full audioboo below.