TechCrunch Hacker Identified: You Decide If We Press Charges

Remember that hacking incident we had back in January? was defaced twice over a two day period and was redirecting for part of that time to a third party site.

We got through the event and mostly put it behind us. But recently Garda (Ireland’s national police force) and the U.S. Secret Service have been in touch with us because they think they found our man. He’s a suspect in another case and evidence strongly suggesting he was the TechCrunch hacker as well came to their attention. He redirects hacked sites to a website he owns and generates affiliate revenue.

These law enforcement agencies now want to know if we want to press charges so that they can bring a criminal action against the suspect in the United States.

They sent us some of the evidence, including IRC logs where the suspect was boasting about the TechCrunch hacks even as they were occurring. Some of this is pretty entertaining, particularly that last chat (some identifying information was removed). When you’re done reading this, we’re going to let you decide – do we press charges or just let this go? The poll is at the bottom of the post. Whatever you decide, we’ll do.

Suspect: want to redirect to ur bud site
Friend: lol no my server will crash
Suspect: ya mine too
Friend: put an adscendmedia
Friend: fucking shit on it
Friend: the content gateway
Friend: and make some $$
Suspect: nah no offers or shit
Friend: wat do u mean no offers
Suspect: ill get blocked cus of it
Suspect: i mean
Suspect: i wont get paid
Friend: phh
Friend: i did it
Friend: and i got paid
Suspect: techcrunch is a lot bigger than you think
Friend: how mainy daily views?
Suspect: 4million feed subscribers
Friend: lol
Friend: i did it on a site with 230k/day and made like $700 in 3 hours
Friend: just with a retarded fukd up not working content gateway
Friend: and i got paid every cent
Friend 2: das retarded t0r
Friend 2: easily caught
Friend: i did get caught
Friend: but da owner is retarded
Friend 2: nub
Friend: and adscendmedia doesnt care
Friend: and i am gonna do it again
Friend: except this time
Friend: i will blacklist the content gateway
Friend: for all of england
Friend 2: racist
Friend: hows dat racist
Friend 2: cus ur black

Suspect: There’s no such time as a ‘good time’ to be hacked of course, but one can only imagine that today is a better day for TechCrunch to be hacked than tomorrow. That’s when the site will be expecting a large amount of traffic as millions of people around the world look for information about the new iSlate/iPad/iTablet/iDontKnowWhatItWillBeCalled due to be announced by Apple.more
Suspect: gonna fuck em in pooper tomorrow
Suspect: ehhhh
Suspect: this is too fucking funny

Suspect: rofl
Suspect: after tomorrow there will be 100x more hype =D
Suspect: HOLY SHIT
Suspect: even bbc wrote article about it
Frien3: ur fuxed
Suspect: i dont get it
Suspect: i mean TC has no value really..
Friend 4: you hacked em?
Suspect: funny that everyone is hiding the url
Suspect: yes
Suspect: earlier
Friend 5: haha
Friend 5: when
Friend 5: today?
Friend 5: lmfao
Friend 5: yea
Friend 4: good luck.
Suspect: tomorrows the new apple tablets announced
Friend 4: hope you cleaned logs?
Suspect: im ready to fuck that shit up bad
Suspect: :D
Friend 4: you still got access? haha
Suspect: yeah
Friend 4: lmaoo
Friend 4: root?
Suspect: only mysql
Friend 4: well
Friend 4: wait till tomorrow.
Friend 4: then just fuck shit up, crazy ass style.
Friend 4: “There’s no such time as a ‘good time’ to be hacked of course, but one can only imagine that today is a better day for TechCrunch to be hacked than tomorrow when the site will, presumably, be expecting a large amount of traffic.”
Friend 4: :p
Friend 5: bad hackers
Friend 4: and just hope that you dont get caught -.-
Friend 4:
Friend 4: o cool
Suspect: im gonna rm all the sites and mysql
Friend 4: :p :p
Friend 4: :p how did you get in?

Friend 6: i could seriously read these comments on techcrunch all day
Friend 6: the readers are such huge idiots
Suspect: Tulle i read the articles title and then go straight to comments on TC
Friend 6: hahaha
Suspect: you know
Suspect: sometimes i even go make food
Suspect: set everything up
Suspect: and read the comments
Suspect: they are that “good”
Friend 6: hahahahha

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