iPhone Leapfrogs BlackBerry As The #1 Handset For Opera Mini In The US

Opera just released its latest State of the Mobile Web report, in which it zooms in on the popularity of its iPhone application, which was approved for the App Store just a little over two weeks ago.

We already knew a lot of people were seemingly eager to try out the alternative browser on the iPhone – the app saw 1 million dowloads on its first day in the store.

But how is it holding up now?

According to the just-released report, the iPhone has now become the third most popular handset for Opera Mini users worldwide. All the other top 20 devices are Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets. Furthermore, the iPhone is currently the #1 device used by Opera Mini users in the United States, well ahead of BlackBerry, which previously occupied the top spot.

Out of the top 10 countries according to Opera Mini usage, the United States and the United Kingdom are the two countries where the iPhone has become the #1 device used by Opera Mini users.

According to preliminary numbers, Opera expects the US to soon have the fifth-most Opera Mini users, displacing Nigeria, South Africa and Ukraine on its ascent up the list. Since mid-April, the States jumped from #8 to #5 in the top 10 countries list.

As for the actual state of the mobile web on a global level, according to Opera:

In March 2010, Opera Mini had over 55.2 million users, a 9.3% increase from February 2010. Combined, those users viewed more than 25.8 billion pages in March. Since March 2009, page views have increased 200%.