Custom stand actually holds your microphones in place

Any band can buy a regular mic stand. But getting one custom molded as cool as this? That’s a whole new level of awesome some seriously deep pockets.

This stand is a construction of stainless steel with a brass quick-release from Artist Chris Conte. Commissioned by Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace, the build sounds quite involved.

The band wanted a left arm and the original was a right. I suggested we take molds and make casts from the original. I first needed to sacrifice the original arm and reverse-engineer it into a left arm. I also needed to construct it in such a way where it could be broken down into sub-assemblies that were practical for mold-making and casting. Eleven separate silicone molds were taken from the master to create the wax models needed for the casting process.

As cool as they are, I don’t really see how these stands fit into the Three Days Grace aesthetic. At least ZZ Top and their truck exhaust pipe stands make more sense. But my hat goes off to Conte for a very good looking build. Now he just needs to integrate a shock mount into the wrist somehow, and I’ll exclusively use these stands in my studio. When I have a studio.

via [Wired]