Apple Buys Chipmaker, Intrinsity (and all their voodoo)

On Tuesday, Apple announced that late last month, they closed a deal to acquire Intrinsity — the Texas-based chip maker responsible for the A4 chip used in the iPad.

Word has it that Intirinsity cast the voodoo that allowed the A4 chip in the iPad to clock up to 1Ghz without destroying battery life.

This dark magic is obviously attractive to other mobile device manufacturers, so it makes business sense for Apple to acquire this company.

Having wizards like this working for Apple would obviously help Apple develop chips in the future, too, and also helps keep future hardware developments “in house” and under the watchful eye of The Apple Secret Police.

This isn’t the first time that Apple have purchased a chipmaker: Apple purchased PA Semi in 2008. And with rumours of Apple considering purchasing ARM, it probably won’t be their last.

A more detailed dissection of the issue is over at TechCrunch.

[via The New York Times]