The Archos 5 Internet Tablet gets access to Android Market's paid apps

The Archos 5 Internet Tablet just got a bit cooler. It finally has access to paid apps from the Android Market thanks to the latest firmware. This solves one of the biggest gripes we’ve heard about the small Android tablets. Previsously users could only download the free Android apps, not the preimum apps that cost something. This is actually a significant move in the Android tablet market, a trend we hope is followed by others.

For some reason most Android tablets do not have access to the full Android Market. Some do not have access at all, instead preloaded with a bunch of apps right from the factory. But part of Android’s appeal is the open system and many tablets aren’t conveying the openness. Hopefully we’ll see more tablets outing firmware that opens up the Android Market to users. Then we’ll be able to have a valid conversation about the iPad vs Android tablets. [Archos Fans via liliputing]