New Android app helps you if you've fallen and can't get up

Android phones save lives. Or they could, if they had this application installed. Let’s say grandma is walking around the house with her Droid in the pocket of her house coat, and she falls down. Luckily, you installed the iFall application. It uses the accelerometer in her phone to tell you that she fell down, allowing you to come to the rescue.

The new application is being developed by researchers at Florida State University, and uses the Android platform to determine if a user has fallen. It also is aware if the user has gotten back up, or if they are lying there unable to move. After a fall is detected, the application activates, and shows a notification that has to be cleared by the end user. If there is no response, then the application notifies whomever you request. The app is still in development at this time, but the plan is to release iFall into general use this summer.

[via medGadget]