Malware targeting iPad users

Uh oh, sounds like the tablet that Steve brought down from the mountain might be susceptible to attack. A recent campaign by malware spammers has been targeting users of the much hyped iPad, inviting users to download an updated and improved version of iTunes. The update promises to provide more compatibility and better performance, and is completely fake.

People who download the fake update are actually installing a data harvester program, which collects logins, passwords, software keys, and other personal data. The bad news is that this particular bit of malware only targets PC users, further promoting the false ideal that the Mac is safe from viruses. The lesson here is be careful where you download your software from, and double check that link before you click on it, no matter what computer you use.

[via PCWorld]

Really guys? I didn’t think it was necessary to differentiate between Mac and PC users, since it’s about iPad users being targeted. Please, leave the kittens and puppies alone.