Major update from Spotify introduces new social features

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Music streaming startup Spotify is going social. Today it unveils new features under the unpronouncable title of ‘Spotify Music Pro@ile’. Essentially it’s creating a true social network inside the Spotify service, but at the same time integrating Facebook Connect features. It is wil also now synchonise your existing music collection with your Spotify account. The update will roll out to Free and Premium users from 9am GMT today. Update: Rasmus Andersson, lead creative & designer at Spotify, says “Spotify will automatically update itself and restart.”

This update from Spotify is a major one. The trouble is what we really want to know is, having launched in several European markets and talked for the last five or six months about launching in the US… when will it launch in the US? No news on that front yet.

Meanwhile, the main new feature is the ability to share playlists and musical tastes outside Facebook. This will be good news for Spotify users, but for the startups which have been building out services around sharing playlists it’s going to be a potential new problem.

So the news features are as follows:

Users can now build their own profile and add friends via searching under their username. They will be able to publish a widget containing their Spotify profile on the web which will display such things as musical tastes, top artists and favourite tracks. These can also be published to your Facebook page, blog, etc.

There will also be a new Inbox-style messaging system to suggest to eachother tracks or albums, via a drag and drop interface over a friend’s name. Music which friends have posted to Facebook will appear in a new Facebook-like newsfeed. Posted playlists will display how many times they’ve been added by friends.

‘Library’ function

A new ‘Library’ function means you can start managing your existing library with Spotify’s. Users can import the names of the music files on their computer. Thus local files can be shared as part of a playlist, if matched with tracks in the Spotify catalogue. Tracks can be starred or tagged letting you bookmark favourites into folders.

Finally, Wireless Sync means tracks are saved to playlists, but in truth this exists already in Offline mode.

  • Johnny



    I live in the US. I tried Spotify for a few months. Was able to game the system a bit but I’m locked out. I tried to purchase an account but it won’t even take a US card. I think the service is worth it, i’ll pay.

    But is there a proven way for me to use the service in the US. I have an account. Also how can I block/mask my US ip address. thanks.

    • patrick

      Though you shouldn’t use a service that is not legally allowed in your country, I SUPPOSE you could use a uk based paypal account that uses a card. I don’t believe they check billing addresses for validity.

      • NNEKBD

        Who’s laws should I obey mines or their’s????? Anyway I activated my account not long after my post. Just goes to show you if their is a will there is a way. I’d should be able to use it forever or they next 14 days, lol.

        I’d gladly pay 9.99 to use they service, it just sucks that I their preventing me from giving them money. I understand the legal reasons and what not but its all about money instead consumer and content.

        Trust me Spotify is a game changer. I honestly believe it’ll change music. I showed people the service and their getting held up on the not being able to download music. They really didn’t get it at all. Sad. Who needs to download music when the the entire point is listen.

      • Jesper

        This is the way to get a Premium account outside the launch countries:

        Open a PayPal account in the UK ( Use a valid UK delivery address. Google is your best friend ;)
        Add your credit card info (can be a credit card from any country), but make sure this card is not attached to an existing PayPal account.

        Find a UK proxy, go to and sign up for Premium.

        Premiums works worldwide (unlimited travel access) so no need for further use of proxies and stuff.

        Method should work in France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway as well. And that save money because 9.99 Euro is less than 9.99 Pound.

        Easier method:
        Find someone in the Spotify countries to buy you a Premium gift card for 1,3,or 6 months.

      • Anonymous

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  • Vishal Sanjay

    The social features are impressive, but I don’t know why they aren’t launching it in the US, maybe it should be here in the few months.

  • peretz


  • John

    mike, u got a major typo there, 2nd paragraph says, ‘this update from facebook…”

  • TZMg

    Really impressive…new features. Love Spotify….ever been using it, since beta.

  • rupertrup

    my live has changed using spotify… good to see the progress. Congrats.

  • Hans

    The new features are impressive. I use Spotify every day with my iPhone and laptop at work. I live in Sweden but I have no clue about the US.

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  • tonyskn

    You can already download the new version from No need to wait for the automatic update.

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  • Peter

    “Meanwhile, the main new feature is the ability to share playlists and musical tastes outside Facebook. This will be good news for Spotify users, but for the startups which have been building out services around sharing playlists it’s going to be a potential new problem.”

    Startups never learn…

  • Simon


  • Jonas

    The updated version is just awesome!

  • Yngve I. Levinsen

    Anyone knows how it works with Wine under linux? I heard someone stating that the Facebook login didn’t work? (previous versions run fine using wine)

  • Catbackpack

    I like Spotify, it offers an excellent service although there are some glaring omissions in their catalogue, but I think that’s more down to the record companies/copyright owners not allowing Spotify to use them. Could also do with world music. As it stands, despite Spotify’s flaws, I think it’s as big a game-changer as, say, DubLi in the online auction market.

  • Tomek

    the old, standard spotify was awesome, the new one is even more awesome! congrats to the team

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  • Davey Technix

    When is this update rolling out to the UK? I have the free version and there is no option to update also the version on the Spotify site seems to be the version I have. Anyone? Someone spell it out to me.

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