Quirky Switch pocket-knife is modular-tastic

Say you’re going on a picnic and don’t want to bring a huge bulky pocket knife. What would you bring? Maybe a knife, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. Or say you’re planning on dismembering and eating a baby seal? What would you bring then? Probably the same stuff. But the Switch from Quirky makes picnics and ritual seal dismemberment easy and fun!

The product is a modular knife. You pick the tools, put them together, and snap the attachments shut with a coin or other screwdriver-like accoutrement.

Two exterior body covers, for encasing the tool attachments.
– Two slotted caps to hold the tool together, which can be removed with the twist of a quarter to disassemble the unit.
– Three interior axle assemblies – small (2-6 tools), medium (4-10 tools), and large (7-13 tools) — which can be swapped in and out depending on your desired tool width.
– 18 tool attachments: Standard Knife, Pliers, Scissors, Nail File, Tweezers, Thin Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver, Wood Saw, Serrated Blade, Corkscrew, Combination Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver, Combination Can Opener/Wire Stripper, Pen, Magnifying Glass, LED Flashlight, 1GB USB Memory Stick.

The knife is available for pre-order right now for $68 but it will go up to $79 after the pre-sale. They probably want to sell a critical mass before they go whole hog on production.

This could be an interesting solution for travelling with your multi-tool, as well, because you can take off the blade and just carry the smaller bits.