Great, an underwater case for a Leica M8 – who's got $8000 to spare?

If you’ve got the nerves to take your precious Leica M8 underwater… well, I salute you. I don’t think I could take such a sweet piece of kit below the waves unless they made one waterproof to begin with. But I suppose if they’re going to charge this much for an underwater housing, one can be fairly certain that they stand behind their product.

Those of you interested in such things would do well to head over to Leica Rumors, where the housing’s specs are available for view. Suffice it to say here that it looks to be a high-quality case and nearly all of the camera’s functions are accessible. I kind of wonder whether a rangefinder is practical in underwater situations given all the extra complications of gear and the limitations of rangefinder cameras in general, but hey, if you love your Leica, you want it with you everywhere.

[image: Wet Pixel]