Denon headphones include iPad controls

Denon has released a new set of headphones, bringing the company’s total number of headphone models to 14. These new headphones, while exciting from a metaphysical standpoint (Questions can me asked, including “Does Denon really need to sell 14 different headphone models?”), are also interesting from a practical standpoint. The two in-ear models are iPhone and iPad compatibvle while the AH-NC800 – price TBD – are noise canceling.

Click through for the press release. Because we weren’t sent images I’ve placed an image of Burt Reynolds here instead.

Mahwah, NJ, April 26, 2010 – Denon Electronics, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment components, today introduced six high-performance headphones, bringing the total number of models in the company’s line to 14. The additions include, with expected SRP and availability in parenthesis, the new AH-NC800 (SRP: TBD, August) noise-canceling headphones, as well as the over-ear Models AH-D1100 (SRP: $199, Sept.), AH-D510R (SRP: $99, August), AH-D310R (SRP: $69, August), and the in-ear Models AH-C560R (SRP: $99, June), AH-C260R (SRP: $49, June) . In addition to a host of leading-edge audio technologies for an optimum music listening experience, Denon’s new line of headphones places a strong emphasis on simple, “one-touch” iPhone/iPod compatibility and convenience, providing users a new level of voice and music control. Notably, four new models (AH-D510R, AH-D31OR, AH-C560R and AH-C260R) all feature a specially designed three-button remote control/microphone that provides easy access to both voice and music control, and is compatible with Apple Voice Control, for Apple iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2G and the latest generation Shuffle. These also control the new iPad.

The new headphones will join Denon’s Models AH-NC600 (SRP: $199) in-ear noise cancelling headphones, AH-C710 (SRP: $149), AH-C452 (SRP: $69) and AH-C360 (SRP: $49) “earbud” in-ear models and the compact on-ear model AH-P372K (SRP: $59); as well as three state-of-the-art over-ear models, the AH-D7000 (SRP: $999), the AH-D5000 (SRP: $699) and AH-D2000 (SRP: $349).