Wait, HP has a Wiimote too?

Once we’d seen the and the Eee stick, we figured the knockoff motion controllers were pretty much done. But then, of course, there was the Sony Move. And Project Natal. And now there’s the HP Swing? Please let it be India-exclusive so we don’t have to worry about it… yes!

Apparently without fanfare, or even an announcement, the Swing is coming bundled with mid-range Pavilion desktops over on the sub-continent. And according to the source, HP is claiming it’s the first time motion control has been available on the PC. HP, it’s good to do research before making claims like that.

I should know — I’m the world’s smartest mancitation needed.

It does have one distinguishing feature, however: it looks like a peanut. There’s a big market for that among bonobos and ungulates aged 7-14.

[via Engadget]