Workstreamer Is A Realtime Listening And Tracking Platform For Businesses

The social web is now an integral part of any CRM or sales operation. Information from blogs, news sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, has become a necessary element to help convert sales leads. Companies like Hoovers, InsideView and even Salesforce are now providing businesses with this relevant information. A new product is launching today, called Workstreamer, that aims to be a real-time business listening platform. The web-based application is tailored for business professionals looking to stay informed on customers, prospects, competitors, partners and vendors.

Workstreamer, which is free for now, pulls in information from a vast amount of sources; from blogs and published news articles to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Jigsaw, YouTube, Indeed (jobs) and SEC filings as well as account update events from CRM systems like Workstreamer then aggregates, filters, processes, ranks and streams that information to business professionals to act on, allowing users to customize their streams and information. Workstreamer also includes a proprietary technology that scores new sources according to relevancy to a keyword search.

The product aims to attract any business professional doing business with any other business (or whose job it is to stay knowledgeable and think critically about external businesses.) For example, a salesperson looking into a prospective account, may want insight into current pipeline deals, or detailed informantion on an existing partner, recent deals and more.

Workstreamer, which has received seed funding from Austin Ventures, is a product of startup Workthink. Austin-based Workthink acquired Ruby-on-Rails startup FiveRuns last fall.