Metacafe vets launch virtual currency monetization platform SupersonicAds

Arik Czerniak, founder and former CEO of social video sharing site Metacafe, has co-founded a new company with a couple of people he used to work with at Metacafe, namely former VP of Sales Gil Shoham and lead developer Nissim Romano.

The company is called SupersonicAds, is based in London and is referred to as a virtual currency monetization startup by its three founders.

Czerniak writes:

SupersonicAds (aka SSA) is a virtual currency monetization startup focused on International/European traffic, that’s been flying below radar for the last 18 months.
Over the last few months we’ve seen a huge increase in clients, traffic & revenue, we’ve raised a round, we’re profitable, and we believe we’re the dominant monetization platform for international traffic… – we think it’s time to tell our story.

We agree.

The company says its strategy from the get-go was to focus on international traffic, particularly in Europe, which self-reportedly accounts for roughly 40% of international publishers’ traffic and was being “severely under-monetized”. SupersonicAds’ platform, hence, is translated into over 25 languages, with payment solutions and offers for every country outside the United States.

Some of the names on its client roster: IMVU, Small Worlds, Watercooler, eRepublik, Playspan, Café.com, and a lot more.

Apart from geographical focus, the company boasts about shying away from run-of-the-mill performance offers, and says it aims to focus rather on the integration of brands straight into the virtual currency ecosystem.

Although originally started in Israel, the company recently relocated its headquarters to London,out of which it will be working with pan-European advertisers. Not that SupersonicAds is ignoring the US completely – they’ve recruited Dave Westin, former VP of Sales at Gambit, to lead sales on the other side of the pond out of San Francisco.

The company also raised money, but declines to disclose how much and who from.