Arctic Explorer Eric Larson Becomes First Person To Tweet From The North Pole

Earlier today, arctic explorer Eric Larson became the first person to Tweet from the North Pole. After a 51-day trek over ice flows and open water, he finally made it to his destination with two companions as part of his year-long project to Save The Poles and raise awareness about global warming. What’s really amazing is that less than four months ago he was at the South Pole, and his next expedition will be to the peak of Mount Everest. Here is his Tweet:

Day 51. Standing on top of the world. Getting to the North Pole is the same as stopping Global Warming. Begin with one step.

Larson has been keeping a blog, and wrote a longer entry about reaching the pole. He also has a Facebook page. Bing is one of his sponsors.

Larson’s Tweet comes only a couple weeks after a 15-year-old became the first person to check into Foursquare from the North Pole. But due to inclement weather the checkin was from a helicopter. So Larson is the first person to send out a status update from the ground at the North Pole. Unfortunately, Larson failed to check into Foursquare while he was up there and thus did not collect a Last Degree badge. Maybe he’ll remember to check in on Mount Everest.