Lever-activated faucet: get one

It’s Earth Day, friend reader. Not that you’d know it, what with a gazillion pounds of waste being thrown indiscriminately into holes and oceans every day. But while I am quite sure that we will eventually find a way to deal with that junk (fire it into the sun, am I right?), a more problematic problem is that of fresh water. Sure, your tap will pour out delicious, cold water all the time — but the cost of providing fresh water for population centers is getting… but you probably know all this. And you know what’s coming. Stop wasting so much water!

I try to minimize my own water usage, but sometimes there’s just no way to turn the tap on and off in a timely fashion — or is there? Yes, there is, and it’s existed for decades, you just don’t have one in your home yet. Time to get one.

It’s a lever-activated faucet, silly, you knew that because you read the headline. For $40 you’ll have a nice chrome faucet that will take away that gnawing feeling inside of having wasted too much water while shaving or brushing your teeth. It won’t take away the gnawing feeling on your ankle from the coyote that’s taken over the den, though. Just don’t go in there! It’s obviously not friendly, look at its eyes!

Anyway, I might just pick one of these up in honor of Earth Day, but you definitely should, because you earn more than me. Yes, I’m sure. Ask the coyote. Don’t ask the coyote!

[via Lifehacker]