Zeus keylogger affects Firefox, Internet Explorer users doing online banking

Ooh, this is a nasty one, isn’t it? There’s a computer virus out there called Zeus that targets users engaged in online banking. It affects users running Firefox and Internet Explorer—a fair chunk of all Internet users, then. As always, the best policy here is to keep your wits about you as you browse the Internet.

There’s nothing novel about what Zeus does as it’s merely a keylogger. It sees you go to your bank’s Web site, then records your username and password, then that info is sent to a server somewhere in the dark alleyways of the Internet.

Zeus has a list of sites that it keeps tabs on, and once you visit that site if kicks into high gear.

Again, it affects both Firefox and Internet Explorer, so be sure to keep your anti-virus definitions up to date. Or, I suppose, you can switch to Safari (or other WebKit-based browsers) or Opera. I know I’ve been using Opera in the past few weeks. My concern is that I’m going to turn into an “Opera guy,” going around all day saying how great Opera is.

All these browsers are the same to me; they all load Drudge just the same.