Review: VC Audio Pro recording / audio editing app

Most recording apps are fairly limited in what you can do with your recording once you’ve made it. VC Audio Pro from VeriCorder is the first multitrack audio editor for the iPlatform and is primarily aimed at journalists making field interviews and whatnot. While the editing and sharing capabilities are pretty powerful, VC Audio Pro is limited by its inability to add and edit audio not recorded with the app.

Its a three track editor that allows you to move and split apart audio files, add volume automation, and add fades where needed. The interface takes a little figuring out, but everything is accomplished with either a single or double tap of your fingers.

I was unable to find a way to import other audio clips into the app. So if you wanted to add a theme song to your story you’re out of luck. Finished clips can be uploaded directly by secure FTP over Wifi.

The recording quality of the iPhone mic is nothing to write home about, so if you want better quality recordings, you can use one of many external microphone for the iPhone. VeriCorder carries its own line.

$5.99 in the iTunes app store.