MiLi Power Skin claims to be smallest iPhone external battery yet

The trade-off between compact size and prolonged battery life has plagued iPhone owners pretty much since the product was released. There’s only so much space to cram battery cells in that sleek form factor, so the operating time of the phone is restricted. A variety of products have entered the market to extend the life of your iPhone battery without overly extending the bulk of the phone. The newest entrant in this market, the MiLi Power Skin, purports to be the slimmest external battery for your iPhone yet.

• World’s thinnest external battery and protective case for iPhone 3G and 3GS
• Pass-through USB/mini-USB allows you to charge and sync your iPhone without removing case
• 1,200 mAH battery capacity doubles the life of your iPhone 3G & 3GS
• 8 two-toned color combinations using black, white, blue, green, orange, and silver
• Apple certified with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Not content to make the smallest external iPhone battery, MiLi also has the PocketPal, the “World’s smallest mobile phone USB Charger”. Presumably it’s also the world’s easiest-to-lose USB charger!

The Power Skin runs $69.95, and the PocketPal is $19.95. Buy ’em both in the Power Skin+ combo for $79.95