Did your HTC Hero turn red? This poor guy's did

What the heck? A reader sends in this image of his HTC Hero. It apparently changed color as it began to heat up. Insanity.

As I changed from a 1st gen iPhone to an HTC Hero I was very satisfied with it. Until it started getting very hot and turned into a redish color as well. While HTC told me to send it in, which I did on March 7, and they will replace the chasis I still dont have it back. As I was thinking about the Desire or Evo 4G I am really sad about the way how HTC treads their customers. So, I might wait for the iPhone 4G now.
6:16 So, while blogging about all the “cool gadgets” we should buy, can you be the voice for us as well and maybe post this?

Has anyone else seen this? The reader sent his in but HTC still hasn’t sent it back.