Cooliris Upgrades Embeddable Media Walls And Express Creation Tools

Übercool media sharing technology company Cooliris is beefing up two of its core products, Cooliris Express and the embeddable Cooliris Wall.

The latter product is gaining more and more adoption, the company tells me, growing from an average of 100 new Walls created per day in December last year to more than 400 new Walls per day more recently.

In addition, more than 45,000 Walls with Cooliris Express were launched in the last four months alone, notably about half of them on Facebook.

Cooliris Walls allow customers like to display media like photos and videos in a visually appealing way, and lets users interact with that content regardless of which browser they use (provided they have Flash installed).

According to the startup, Walls can reduce page load for media-intensive pages by as much as 25%, and the upgraded product also makes for faster scrolling and smoother interactions.

New comScore and Google Analytics support in Cooliris Walls now gives publishers a way to track of the implementation has resulted in increased engagement (the company claims it’s seeing up to 6 times as much interaction on sites like that of singer Taylor Swift), which is helpful information for advertisers and media planners as it increases potential ad opportunities and revenue.

Cooliris worked together with comScore to ensure they are compliant with their current standards: each piece of content viewed via the Wall basically gets counted as a page view.

Also new in Cooliris Walls: new ways for people to share media via Facebook and Twitter.

Lacking because of its reliance on Flash: support for iPad, which would be really cool on there (the company says they’re looking at ways of bringing the experience to the platform). It works really well on the iPhone already, and Google has also tapped Cooliris for Nexus One support earlier this year.

Secondly, Cooliris Express – a free tool that lets anyone create digital experiences centered around their photo and video content – has gotten a revamp and a host of new features.

Users can now use Cooliris Express to publish and dynamically update photo galleries for social networks and blogs from one central location. To access and update Walls, Cooliris Express has enabled a single login that either leverages a Facebook or Google username. OpenID is not supported (yet), but users are free to create a unique account with the service, too.

Cooliris Express introduces editing capabilities that enables users to update and change the content on their Walls at any time. Before, users were supposed to create new Walls to showcase new content. Now users can add or delete photos/videos from their existing Walls. Finally, Cooliris simplified the navigation and created a new user interface for editing and uploading photos in Cooliris Express, all based on user input and suggestions, in an effort to make the process more intuitive for non-technical users.

Palo Alto, CA-based Cooliris is backed by about $18.5 million in VC funding.