Assassin's Creed II DRM finally removed – by pirates

You know how in Facebook, there’s no “dislike button”? Well think of that in this case: I’m not “liking” or supporting piracy, but consider this post a continuation of our “dislike” of Ubisoft’s faulty, ridiculous DRM scheme. Said DRM has prevented thousands, perhaps millions, of legitimate buyers of the game from playing it — and now, a leading group of hackers has put together a solution that rids the game of the DRM scourge.

It’s been some time since AC2 was released, and it’s likely that it has sold perhaps 80% of the units it was ever going to. Some would say that Ubisoft sold more units because people found they couldn’t pirate the game. That may be true for a few sales, but I think the PR effect was greater. Many people are not buying the game on principle or simply because they can’t rely on their internet connection (or Ubisoft’s servers) and don’t want to risk it. And the feeling towards DRM and Ubisoft right now is nothing less than total disgust.

Ubisoft makes great games, but if they’re going to saddle them with DRM like this (other versions of which lasted even less time), a lot more people are going to stop paying for them.

Lastly, a little shout-out from the group, Skidrow:

Sort of a “good game” from the people Ubisoft will never be able to beat. And anyone ever else notice that no one in the scene can spell?