54% Of Women More Likely To Date Men With iPhones, Says iPhone Retailer

Straight from the bullshit department: a recent survey of 1500 women has found that men who own an iPhone are more attractive than those who do not. Women were particularly repulsed by men who own a Palm Pre, the study also found.

Ok, I made that second part up, but then again the first part was completely made up, too.

According to the survey, which was held by Phones 4u, an online retailer of iPhones (and other phones) and thus utterly neutral any way you look at it, 54% of women stated that they would be more likely to date a man if he owns an iPhone.

Which model, remains unclear.

Update: this survey may never be actually held, or at least not by Phones 4u, the company now claims. Read the entire background here.

One respondent, the company says, even suggested “if he has an iPhone then he’s obviously intelligent and well-off.”

37% of those quizzed said that owning an iPhone makes a man seem more reliable, to which nearly all went on to say that a second date would be likely.

I have an iPhone 3GS, so clearly, I can verify roughly 98% of all positive claims about men who own an iPhone. (Also, sorry ladies, but I’m happily married).

But let’s not let the statistics get in the way of a good story, and juicy quotes:

“There’s just something about a man who’s good with computers that makes him more trustworthy,” said Lucy, a 23-year-old primary school teacher from London. “If he’s got the cash for an iPhone then he must be very good at his job, too.”

Hear that, Michael Arrington?

(Image via Hottrix, makers of iBeer, and headline blatantly stolen from @StuartDredge)