Taggable Extends Facebook People Tags To The Whole Web

Get ready for something you’re really going to like.

Ok, ready?

Late last year we wrote about The Start Project, a Silicon Valley based business incubator that is putting together new products and companies and then building teams around them. Today they launch their first product, Taggable.

You know how you can tag your Facebook friends in pictures and pages on Facebook? Taggable extends that out to other websites as well. Want to tag a picture of your friend that’s on Flickr? Use the Taggable bookmarklet, sign in via Facebook Connect, and tag away. A link to that photo will then be published in the news stream of those users (just as it does when you are tagged on Facebook directly).

If a user doesn’t like the tag they can remove it, or opt out of Taggable tags directly. But since it’s only your friends tagging you, presumably spamming is kept to a minimum, and data quality is likely to be very good.

Taggable isn’t just limited to users with bookmarklets added to their browser. Publishers can also add the feature to their sites. For blogs and photoblogs it’s particularly useful becasue people you may be friends with could be in the content. Tag ’em and move on. They’ll probably appreciate that you’re organizing their personal data for them. High fives all around. Here’s a sample blog post showing user created Facebook tags at the end.

Those publications will then show the tags added by users, and those tags link back to a taggable page showing tags in a stream, by user, etc. You can also filter by all people, just your friends, or just one friend.

My first thought on Taggable – it’s an insidiously effecient way to get yourself tagged all over the web via a third party Facebook Connect integration. If you’re still confused, whatch this demo video that we recorded with Narendra Rocherolle last week.