@GeeknRolla: Musiio aims to let bands go direct to fans

musiio.com wants to be the source of the freshest music and is proposing a new model for music distribution. Fans can listen for free, buy tracks to download or see what their friends are listening to while artists get to choose the number of free listens, price and receive 100 percent of the revenue.

Co-founder Matt McCallum told a GeeknRolla start-up panel that the still-to-launch Musiio is a service that allows users to “search, share and discover” music. The service mixes music streaming with a kind of social networking where artists keep in touch with fans.

But whereas Spotify is often derided by artists and music labels for not properly remunerating artists for ad-supported streaming – Musiio wants to offer the service to users for free.

So how will the company make any money? In short, the artists pay. “Artists and labels will be charged a fee to host their music on Musiio; we’ll charge them every time they send a message to their fans, because there’s a value to that,” says McCallum. On top of that, the site plans to implement a pay per click model too.

The site isn’t launching today and is still working on the site so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here…