@GeeknRolla: Linkcloud wants to make Web linking a visual medium

Linkcloud’s vision is to evolve links to turn links into to a visual medium rather than just a text-based reading one. Linkcloud will turn your favorite links into images. It’s like visual social bookmarking, but more interesting that…

Linkcloud’s Toni Wagner, speaking during the second GeeknRolla start-up panel, said: “It’s a simple Java-script based website – every link is interactive, it can be a search box, an RSS feed, a movie player… We believe there is a very strong trend that soon companies will define themselves by what they link to.”

Wagner says the site – which launches in beta on Saturday – “is absolutely free for the user, you don’t even have to see our logo”. But he was confident that the site can make money through “a lot of different sources” including referrals and partnerships. “We also have a very unique user database – we’ll know what people search for,” he said.

The company is hoping to capitalise on the more than 100 million social network users around the world, for whom sharing links is one of the main activities.

Other Linkcloud features include: arranging and personalising links, without any ads, menus or borders; no “click and wait”, just a direct connection to the link location; real-time synchronised service, without any load times or intrusive messages.