@GeeknRolla: compares your online social capital to others

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@GeeknRolla: Gigaboxx lets bands sell music direct to their live audience is described as “social benchmarking”. You can start your own poll on and find out to which piece of the pie chart you belong – and who’s “on your side”.

Rene Karsten Kunkel, the site’s head of marketing, told the first GeeknRolla startup pane of the day that could be used to chart…. well, just about anything. Sports and exercise workouts, spending habits, even sexual activity – all these KPIs (key performance indicators) can be tracked and monitored. The site goes into a public beta phase today, and will launch in its native Germany first.

Will people be happy giving up all this personal info? “You can choose for yourself what you want to share,” says Kunkel, who also mentions that the service can be completely anonymous. Users can start polls, get friends to answer questions on their own behaviour and see everything mapped out in charts.

And what’s the business model? “We believe we can achieve unique databases – and advertising and market research will make up the biggest piece of the piece; research for statistics, trends, as well as a white label model,” says Kunkel.

  • Marfi

    The privacy question that have risen is a very valid one, BUT if you are afraid of the wolves you just do not go to the forest, as simple as that!

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  • Ansgar

    If somebody can make this idea work, than manui/ These boys have potential

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  • albüm dinle

    sana katilmamak eldemi gozumsun ..

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